Wednesday, July 9, 2008

FSM Grooming Workshop - photos

Last weekend on Sunday, July 6, 2008, FSM organised grooming workshop for all cat lovers held in Pet Epicure, Tmn Melawati (owned by Alicia Ling). The purpose is to share our knowledge in grooming our cats with all cat lovers. We have 15 participants and some of them came all the way from Johor and Malacca. Jimmy demonstrated on how to groom his Maine Coon assisted by Alicia & Olivia Ling, I presented the concept of grooming and my husband demonstrated the technique of combing/brushing. Thanks to those who came and hope you will learn something from the program.

These are the pictures taken during the program :

Grooming tools

with Aishah & Fanna

the owner of Pet Epicure - Alicia Ling and the husband

started with the concept of grooming

Arisham explaining something to the participants

among the participants

Jimmy demonstrated the way to degrease the cat with Goops.

"the sink is too small for me!"

rinsing thoroughly

Jimmy demonstrated the technique of blow drying the cat... with the new set of pet dryer which was later sold to.....!

finish with the grooming demonstration

Finally, a well groomed Maine Coon.

Nice smile from Olivia with her Ragdoll.

the model for combing/brushing technique

Monday, July 7, 2008

Ezza's First Litter

Last year, I sent Ezza to my breeder friend in US to jointly breed with her cattery.

Susan Daniel of Byhishand cattery is among the well-known persian breeder in US and breed persian for more than 20 years. She always produce wonderful persian with excellent head type and massive body substance.

I am so happy that finally Ezza gave birth to 3 wonderful kitties from her male CH Oililly Brown Nossin of Byhishand (old european line which is well known for the outstanding flowing coat).

1. blue tabby & white (van) male
- superior head type with great doming. Excellent and heavy body with huge round eyes.

2. brown tabby & white (harlequin) male
- Excellent head and body. Smooth head with nice break and dome.

3. brown tabby & white female
- Sweet expression. Very nice break and doming.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Welcome to my blog

I am glad that now I have my own blog.
I hope I will have time to write more about my experience with cats (breeding & showing), my activities in the club and the updates of my cats/kittens in my cattery.
My blog is not the place to quarrel or talk bad about each other and not to disseminate lies or hatred among each other, but more towards sharing my experiences and knowledge with all cat lovers so that we can together develop our cat fancy especially in Malaysia.
You are most welcome to write any question, comments and constructive suggestion here.