Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sarawak Cat Show

On December 20, 2008, Catizzadi Khadani Elhurair (Danny) - a 4 month old cream n white boy was shown by his new owner, Mimi from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in a 4-ring CFA Show in Kuching Sarawak.
I am glad that even as a newbie, she groomed and presented Danny so well in the show and managed to final in 3 rings. Congrats, Mimi - way to go with Danny!

For more photos, please visit Mimi's blog at this link :

Saturday, December 20, 2008

4-Ring CFA Show in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

On December 14, 2008, there was a 4-ring CFA show in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The show was organized by Astaka Management (a commercial company), licensed by CFA to Thailand Cat Fanciers and known as Cat Friends of Asia Show. This is the second time that certain group of people in Malaysia used the loop hole in CFA show rule to organize CFA cat show. They don't need to have a CFA club in order to organize CFA show. What they need was just to have one legal entity (like a commercial company) and seek help from other CFA affiliated club in other country to loan them their CFA Show license... pretty simple. I hope CFA Board will look into this matter seriously if they really want to see our fancy developing harmoniously in this region. One big point that they should know is that - even though we are in the same region (International Division), we are from different countries with different laws, unlike in US.

Anyway, to show my support to all CFA Show, I have shown 3 cats in this show including GrandyJr. That was his first show after recovering from serious eye infection right after coming back from Borneo Show. He had very tough competition from Thailand exhibitors in bicolor class. But he managed to final in all ring and became Best Persian in Show and 2nd Best Cat in Show.

(click on the picture to enlarge)

3rd Best Cat by Bob Zenda

2nd Best Cat by Wain Harding

4th Best Cat by Jan Rogers

5th Best Cat By Cheryl Pollock

In premiership class, GP Catizzadi Khayani Elhurair (Yani) was beautifully shown by her owner Izyan. She had done a wonderful job in maintaining and grooming Yani to perfection.

2nd Best Cat by Wain Harding

6th Best Cat by Cheryl Pollock

Best Cat by Bob Zenda

In Kitten Class, I have shown my new boy, Byhishand Ababil of Catizzadi (Billie). He is my joint breeding with Susan Daniels of Byhishand Cattery. Her mother is Catizzadi Muezza Elhurair (Ezza). He is huge and has a ridiculous amount of coat. At 6 month his weight is already 9.5 pounds! I cannot thank you enough Susan for sharing her line with me.

Catizzadi Khadani Elhurair (Danny) - his first show at the age of 4 month. He is now owned by Mimi from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

GC DW Nascat Super Charged! owned by Jimmy Lee was made Highest Scoring Cat in Show.

4th Best Cat by Bob Zenda

3rd Best Cat By Wain Harding

3rd Best Cat By Jan Rogers

Best Cat by Cheryl Pollock

Blue & white persian from Zenithi

American Shorthair from Hong Kong

Spyhnx kitten with the owner Eric Wang from Philippine and Dee Dee Cantley from US.

British Shorthair which was granded by Jimmy in Premiership Class

Highest Scoring Kitten in Show - Enko Frosty

The happy owner with her family

A very promising little girl - Felis Wonder Cleopatra at the age of 4 month

Jimmy and Nancy busy preparing Cleopatra for the judging ring

Finally, the big family of Catizzadi and Felis Wonder Cattery with our winning rosettes and trophies. Obviously we rule the show! :))

For more pictures, please visit this blog :

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Merdeka Cat Championship

Feline Society of Malaysia had organised a 4-ring show on August 31, 2008 at The Mall, Kuala Lumpur. The show was held in conjunction with Malaysia Independence Day. The judges were Diana Rothermel, Becky Orlando, Wayne Trevathan and Rod U'ren.

It was very unfortunate for me because I cannot show GrandyJr in my homeground show. He had suffered conjunctivitis and corneal ulcer right after coming back from Sabah for the Borneo International Cat Show.

Anyway, I am happy that Catizzadi Khayani Elhurair (Yani) owned by Izyan granded in this show.

Here are the pictures taken during TV Promotion and in the show.

(click on the picture to enlarge)

Preparation before live telecast in TV3 (MHI) - 2 days before the show
Jimmy explaining about his Maine Coon
Amanda Cheng from China being interviewed with her exotic
Promotion of the show with Ally Iskandar
Showing show poster to the audience

With Aishah and Fanna together with the volunteers in the show hall
brief the volunteers about the things they need to do
my first assignment as Assistant Master Clerk to Dick Kallmeyer
Alicia busy entertaining the buyer...

...and left her homebred breed in the show tent :)
the crowd in the show - the common scene in most of FSM Show

huge crowd in front of the judging ring

exhibitors preparing/grooming their cats before the show kick off

connie steward with the black exotic
Wayne Trevathan judging the exotic

A handsome silver tabby & white Maine Coon breed by the top maine coon breeder in the world, Donna Hinton of Nascat and own by Jimmy Lee of Felis Wonder
He is a Divisional Winner (DW) who won 2nd Best Kitten in ID CFA Asia in the last show season
He was granded in this show
GC DW Nascat Super Charged!
brown tabby exotic

Wayne with solid white persian

explaining about maine coon muzle standard the only sphynx in the show

blue & white persian
Jimmy & Nancy with the winning maine coon
red tabby persian
Becky Orlando playing with mainecoon kitten
the only American Curl in the show

American Shorthair kitten
A very promising mainecoon kitten. He was the highest scoring kitten in the show and the potential DW kitten in this show season!
red tabby & white persian kitten
russian blue in action

Yani - the most playful persian in the show!
Silver tabby ASH
Diana Rothermel explaining about maine coon kitten
playing with brown tabby ASH
Rod U'ren with siamese

Dr Kaisa with her exotic that won highest scoring cat in the show

Yani surrounded by the spectators
Yani granded in Becky's ring
GP Catizzadi Khayani Elhurair